Administrative law:

In the last decade, state and governmental intervention has increased substantially. We have accumulated experience in advising clients in relation to potential challenges to administrative decisions and statutory appeals.

Legal expertise on Administrative law includes:

– preparing of different legal documentation;

– giving advice on administrative and local government issues;

– judicial review;

– contentious administrative proceedings and litigation.

Construction law:

We provide a full range of legal services to the construction industry – from contractors, owners, subcontractors, to commercial and residential developers and public bodies. We advise mostly domestic construction projects, our international partners ensures legal expertise also in Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, India, Germany.

We carry out legal research of the land lot, prepare construction contracts and represent our clients in negotiations with third party and represent clients in the court.

Legal expertise on construction law includes:

– preparing of legal documentation;

– permits;

– construction contract claims;

– construction related payment issues;

– dispute resolution.


Employment and labor law

Our employment services include legal management of employment changes and active support in daily situations. Our experience and knowledges helped successfully to represent our clients in dispute settlement both in employment disputes and individual disputes.

Legal expertise on employment and labor law includes:

– preparing of all legal documentation;

– employment and executive contracts;

– remuneration systems and working time costs;

– dispute resolution.


Deals and contracts

Success of a client depends on the deals client has concluded therefore we offer to our clients to go deeply in all the deals they are concluding. Relying on professionalism of our office and our understanding of client’s legal matter specific we will be capable of finding the best solution to each deal. By a client’s request we will develop also projects of a standard contract, which will be useful for solving of relatively easy matters. For the concluding of more difficult deals we offer to develop an individualized contract, but, the most important is the fact, that we help our client to identify weaknesses and strengths of a contract, that protects our client from unpleasant surprises.


Family law

Family is a base of society and state and therefore we always stand up for family. But in the moments, when an unpleasant step towards a divorce has to be maid we ensure proper mediation, as well as promote respectful mutual attitude between the spouses until the divorce notwithstanding inner contradictions and personal ambitions.

Legal expertise on family law includes:

– preparing of all legal documentation;

– consultation on family legal relations;

– preparing of an application, as well as an agreement on partition of property, a child’s custody and access rights for the divorce before a sworn notary;

– preparing of an application of action for divorce before a court;

– preparing marriage agreement;

– inheritances issues;

– representation of client before courts.


Real estate:

We have experience in advising on buying, selling, letting, financing, developing and operating all types of real estate and in all transactional aspects.

Legal expertise on real estate law includes:

– preparing of all legal documentation;

– consultation related to purchase and selling of property and preparing of contracts;

– consultation on matters of leases and rent, as well as drawing up of lease and rental contracts;

– profound investigation of construction projects, as well as assessment of building legality;

– property management issues;

– dispute resolution.


Immigration law:

We advise on the requirements of the effective immigration laws, draft all the documents required for obtaining residence and work permits, as well as represent the interests of clients before the respective institutions or a court.

Legal expertise includes:

– preparing of visa and residence permit requests;

– establishment of companies for residence permit purposes;

– preparing work permit requests etc.;

– representing client in the state authorities;

– dispute resolution.


Insolvency law:

In relation to insolvency proceedings the legal expertise includes:

– preparing an application for instigation of insolvency proceedings;

– preparing a plan for repayment of obligations;

– preparing a complaint regarding action of administrators of insolvency proceedings;

– dispute resolution.


Dept recovery:

We help to get back a debt both before court and also in the court proceedings.

Legal expertise includes:

– preparing all legal documentation;

– preparing applications to a court for debts recovery;

– dispute resolution.


Corporate law:

We support our clients in carrying out their routine activities, by drafting corporate documents and contracts, and providing the necessary assistance in the performance thereof, by setting up companies, structuring capital, restructuring corporate governance and implementing changes to the legal structure.

Legal expertise includes:

– preparing all legal documentation;

– general corporate governance;

– establishing company;

– reorganization, liquidation;

– corporate secretarial services;

– transformation of legal form;

– day-to-day corporate advice;

– dispute resolution.


Dispute resolution and representation before courts:

We assist individuals in resolving disputes, by representing their interests in negotiations and settlement negotiations, as well as by representing clients before local courts, international courts, and arbitration courts on commercial.