Legal services


Legal Office LM LAW OFFICE provides full range of legal services in Latvia and general legal support in Russia, Germany, India, and Turkey where our partners are located.

Administrative cases:
  • preparing of different legal documentation;
  • giving advice on administrative and local government issues;
  • judicial review;
  • Contentious administrative proceedings and litigation.


Deals and contracts

Success of a client depends on the deals client has concluded therefore we offer to our clients to go deeply in all the deals they are concluding. Relying on professionalism of our office and our understanding of clients business specific we will be capable of finding the best solution to each deal. By a customers’ request we will develop also projects of a standard contract, which will be useful for solving of relatively easy matters. For the concluding of more difficult deals we offer to develop an individualized contract, but, the most important is the fact, that we help our customer to identify weaknesses and strengths of a contract, that protects our customers from unpleasant surprises.

Real estate:
  • preparing of all legal documentation;
  • consultation related to purchase and selling of property and preparing of contracts;
  • consultation on matters of leases and rent, as well as drawing up of lease and rental contracts;
  • profound investigation of construction projects, as well as assessment of building legality;
  • property management issues;
  • dispute resolution.


Immigration cases:
  • preparing of visa and residence permit requests;
  • establishment of companies for residence permit purposes;
  • preparing work permit requests etc.;
  • representing client in the state authorities;
  • dispute resolution.


Corporate cases:
  • preparing all legal documentation;
  • general corporate governance;
  • establishing company;
  • reorganization, liquidation;
  • corporate secretarial services;
  • transformation of legal form;
  • day-to-day corporate advice;
  • dispute resolution.


Dispute resolution and representation before courts:

We assist individuals in resolving disputes, by representing their interests in negotiations and settlement negotiations, as well as by representing clients before local courts, international courts, and arbitration courts on commercial.

Entrepreneurial activity in the Free port:

We are specialized also on giving legal service for companies which mainly are operating in the free fort according free port legislation – handling operations, stevedore service, licensed entrepreneurial activity, free zone regime etc.

Legal expertise includes:

  • preparing all legal documentation;
  • preparing documentation for obtaining the status of licensed entrepreneurial activity;
  • preparing documentation for obtaining the status of free zone regime;
  • daily based legal service;
  • handling operations, storage, stevedore activities, cargo insurance, demurrage, contracts;
  • dispute resolution.


International trade and transport:

We provide advice on legal issues relating to international commerce and trade, including franchising, distribution, customs duties. Also we provide legal advice on all aspects of carriage of goods by road, rail, sea, as well as on agency and forwarding arrangements. Usual assistance would include drafting of contracts, advising on legal requirements under national and international regulations, representing clients in dispute settlement proceedings in courts and arbitration as well as drafting of protests and claims.

Legal service prices:

State fee – ~ 20-200 EUR

Notary fees – ~ 50 – 500 EUR

Translation and legalization of Power of Attorney (if required) – 40 – 100 EUR

Registered address – from 300 EUR per year (subject of availability and may change)

VAT registration – 100 EUR

Legal costs – 1) parties can agree on fixed price for particular legal service, 2) parties can agree on fixed price for particular legal service on monthly base, 3) 50 EUR-80 EUR/h.

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